We equip people with a toolkit of data collection and management. This service will become the “connection utility service” for all future apps and online services.The toolkit aims to feed and update a “ highly-quality, highly secure” profile, allowing each user to close smart contracts with advertisers and publishers. In this way people (users) monetize their digital activities by engaging with calls-to-action proposed by these market players.

Each person will have the access to a set of tools:

#TOOL1 _ Digital Me

With this tool, we transform raw data into usable, understandable data for people. To participate in the value system, a user must be able to understand and interface with their data. They have to be able to make decisions based on the same information that other services can access about them. The profile that a user creates using #be is called a Digital Me. It is based on a self-profiling approach where users control how their experience is enriched. A Digital Me is an avatar of the user which learns through the user’s input of data. It can also be questioned and will provide insights. It can also be actively taught through direct interaction with the user. The user is in complete control of what is added to their digital me. A Digital Me snapshot is a slice of that data, at some point in time. For example, this may include a GPS location, and the topics that the user has been reading online over the last 24 hours, with their relative weighting. The Digital Me is viewed, browsed in a nicely designed and intuitive dashboard and it interacts with the user through any available touch point according to a frequency decide by the user: see the options for setting specific time slots during the day or “real-time” notifications”.

#TOOL2 _ Data Locker

#be is a user-centric technology. It doesn’t need to see users’ data, it doesn’t need to sell users’ data. Security, privacy and GDPR compliance are among the core missions of #be. To achieve them, #be contains integrated advanced cyber security technologies (from authentication to encryption technologies and more).

#TOOL3 _ #be browser

#be browser is integrated into the #be app and it learns intelligently from what the user does online in order to personalize user’s experience on publishers websites. It acts also as a personal assistant that selects advertising according to users’ profiles: it is a clear step forward from adblockers because it offers evident real benefits for publishers. When people use the #be browser, they collect digital credits in a very effective loyalty program that combines with the tokens to push users towards the products & services market place.

#TOOL4 _ Detectors and Plugs-in

#be‘s ultimate goal is to offer organic experiences to each user without locking them into a closed system such as Facebook. To achieve this, “integration” will be one of the #be core capabilities: we allow the users to aggregate data all around the web. We call these integration features detectors. A detector can be a browser plug-in or a connection with an app via API. The first set of available detectors will be the browsers plugs-in for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. People will not have to change their browsing habits: they will simply install a detectors to collect data for them and unlock new experiences in terms of contents and calls-to-action. Users will be encouraged to install detectors through rewards including tokens and digital credits bonus to spend in the products and services market place.

#TOOL5 _ Call & Response system

Courtesy of its Digital Me, #be can activate cross-device experiences on relevant areas of interest to users. The principle is to “push” calls-to-action towards them based on their frequency decisions. This principle is based on the design of a quick-gesture experience that makes it easy for each user to select what is important to them and reject what is not. Every action enriches the Digital Me, thus constantly fine-tuning the users’ profile for their own benefit. This Call & Response system is the core of the innovative advertising format for brands and publishers: the personalized, intuitive experience will fuel greater engagement in native advertising content and activities. #be aims to become the top-of-mind format for converting of leads into active and engaged users. The Call & Response system is based on a fine-tuned matching between the users’ profile and the targeting criteria of the third parties that want to interact with them. In this process the digital me snapshots provide high-quality small data pictures of the user’s interests during a given time slot. The directness, specificity, and readability of this data guarantees that the potential targeting will be far more nuanced than that offered by traditional cookie-based targeting.

#TOOL6 _ #be wallet

People using #be will receive #be tokens (see next sections). The #be wallet, powered by Eidoo (see, allows users to manage their #be tokens. It is like an available “bank account” for each user.

#TOOL7 _ "Private" Market Place

By combining their profile and the blockchain (see next section), users monetize their digital activities in form of tokens. #be will offer a “private-sales” approach to tokens owners as well as special offers for selected ranges of products and services matching with users’ profile. The loyalty system based on digital credits will provide users with an extra bonus.

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