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Your privacy is important to us

You are the most important part of #be.
Your ability to understand and control the collection of personal data is our priority.
We value your privacy and your right to decide.

Privacy Policy


1. Our Definition of User Data:

  • The personal information you provide upon signing up.
  • Browsing activities when the panel is not hidden and not in private browsing mode.
  • Posts you willingly make to social media via #be.
  • Metadata related to the above data, such as computer IP addresses, operating system, and browser type.

2. User Data Usage: What We Do

  • We store all information on secured servers. We use industry standard security software and procedures to restrict access, prevent hacking, and keep your data safe.
  • We use secure protocol https for all communications, including for personal data.
  • When the panel is open, we follow your browsing activities in order to understand your interests and give you credits best suited to those interests.
  • In order to improve your experience, the system considers only the browsing activity related to websites and interests you choose to add.
  • We provide a personal portal page where you and only you can view data related to your browsing activities.
  • We give you the power to follow and unfollow brands and other third-party organisations, which may include further options to share more personal information during the process of interaction with them. You have the power at any time to unfollow and terminate the exchange, and only organisations you are “following” can contact you.

3. User Data Usage: What We Don’t Do

  • We never give any user data to any third party.
  • When the panel is hidden or in private browsing mode, there is no communication of data from the user to our servers: we do not know what you are doing.

4. How Does #be Use Your Data?

We use the data we collect to provide you with #be services.

This includes the following:

  • Recommending customized content. #be uses your browsing information, the information you decide to share with #be, and information generated by social networks and applications you connect with #be to recommend new contents, and suggest activities related to your interests.
  • Contacting you about #be services. We may contact you to tell you about new features, activities, tutorials, service issues, or changes to #be’s Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.
  • Notifying you about your account and your interests. We will inform you if there has been any activity relating to your account and your interests.
  • Aggregated Trends. We may use the data in an aggregated, entirely anonymous manner to highlight trends and patterns in the way that users engage in digital activities.
  • We may use your data to profile your preferences and to provide you with suggestions.

5. How Might Third Parties Contact You?

We define “third parties” as other users, brands, institutions, NGOs, and other private or public companies in general.
No third party can contact you directly on #be.

Any third party that would like to contact you has to pass through #be.
#be acts as your personal filter and protects your privacy.
Third parties must clearly communicate a list of interests as reason to contact you.

#be will ask you to accept or decline the invitation of the third party according to the list of interests.
If you accept, the third party is able to initiate direct communication with you through #be.
If you accept, the third party is able to access data related to your list of interests and the data related to the interaction with you.

You can remove the connection with the third party at any time.
By removing the connection, the third party can no longer access the data described in this section.
We may use your data to create an anonymous profile based on your interests.

This profile, strictly anonymous, could be shared with third parties (see next section).
The third parties will never receive personal data.
#be is dedicated to the protection of your privacy.

6. How Does #be Disclose Your Data

#be recognises that your data is yours.
We will not disclose your data beyond what is necessary to provide you with #be services.

However, there are certain situations where #be will share information:

  1. Third party: we may use your data to create an anonymous profile based on your interests. The disclosed data will be anonymous. In this case, we will remain responsible for your data.
    b. Court order. We may be required to disclose certain data under a court order that we receive. Even if a court orders us to share a particular user’s data, it would be extremely hard to identify which profile belonged to a given user.
    c. With your permission. We may disclose your data in cases where you have given your express permission for us to do so (typically for any uses not covered by this policy).
    d. Legal duty and rights. We may disclose or share your personal data if we are required to do so in order to comply with any legal obligation, to enforce or apply our Terms of Use and other agreements, or to protect the rights, property, or safety of #be or its members.
  2. Changes to This Privacy Policy
    We may need to make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we do so we will provide you with clear and timely notice. We suggest you regularly review #be policies if you have any questions about what we are doing. After doing so, if your question is not answered please contact us at

7. Delete account

You can delete your account at any moment by sending an email to

Please specify in the subject field “Delete account”

Your account will be deleted within 24 hours within the receipt of your request. Please note that deleting your account is irreversible.

8. Company and Contact

#be is a trademark of BE ENERGY INTERNATIONAL Sagl, Switzerland.

BE ENERGY INTERNATIONAL Sagl, Switzerland is referenced above as #be.

Questions, comments, and requests regarding this privacy policy are welcomed – simply contact us at

Date of last revision: December 3rd 2016