#be is our Artificial
Intelligence technology

In full respect of GDPR and privacy policies, #be aims to collect data and organize data in order to set profiles of the users.
Each profile in synthesized in tags and it is built by each user in an organic way: the more users are active the more they improve their profile. It is the principle of self-profiling.

We call the result of this self-profile approach DIGITAL ME.
It is a unique representation of a user behavior inside the apps web-apps and other digital solutions supported by #be.

Thanks to a regular matching control between user’s profile tags and “content / activity” tags, #be identifies the potential recommendations (content / activities) to address to the user in future experiences.

Our A.I. approach is leveraging advanced and flexible technologies such as Elastic Search

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The big idea

Personal data can be valuable and empowering.
It should guide and enrich
your online and offline experiences.

& Digital Me

#be provides users with tools to collect and manage their own personal data.


#be A.I. technology processes this raw profiling data into easy-to-use and useful information.

Data Activation

Data matching are used for content recommendation and/or for engagement measurement with the aim to reward users for active behaviors / contributions.

Creating connections

Inline with our mission at #be we have already
created connections with the following applications

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