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If you want to get your users more involved and engaged in what you say, do and care about, then #be is the answer.

How to engage more…

You already have something in common with every member – that’s why they are your community. But that doesn’t mean that they are all interested in the same things equally. So, just like friends, you need to know them and speak to them personally.

What is #be?

A next generation solution for increasing Digital Engagement.


Simply by browsing, #be helps each of your users effortless generate their own private digital data profile. This profile is then used to sort through your content and find what best matches them. The result: a completely personalised experience for each and every member of your community and maximum engagement. Easy!

An easy & beautiful CMS

#be makes creating content easy too: from a post to an event, announcement or file… and they look great!

Helps find & make content

As well as content you add yourself you can assign roles to your users so they can help out too with creating and editing. You can also connect your favourite RSS feeds, or subscribe to other #be networks and share their connect with your users.

Browser extensions


Sports connections



Easy CMS

Add and manage great looking content easily: everything from web snippets, to files, events and announcements

Interest management

Define your interests and tag content to generate better recommendations for all of your users

RSS support

Bring content into your network really easily by connecting your favourite RSS feeds

User management

Get your users more involved with a range of roles and functions

Browser Extensions

Your users can install the #be extension for their favourite browser for an even more personalised experience

Personalisation & user profiling

Cutting edge user-profiling enables unparalleled personalisation – ensuring maximum engagement

Credits & Rewards

Drive engagement by creating rewards on which your users can spend their credits


Native browser notifications keep your users involved, even when they are not looking at your network


Monitor your network’s performance with live analytics

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